Cons Haven’t found any until now. I however found I couldn’t use it with out the disk. For all prices, products and offers, NCIX. Summary I never dropped once using this card. Notify me if this product is available again.

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Your browser does not support iframes. Pros Works Well with ralink drivers, cheap, reasonable signal strengh. No rain checks will be issued on promotional items and offers. Promotional offers from NCIX.

It could just be me, try it with out if you gonna buy it, then if it pxi-g31 work don’t be afraid to download the utility Get the Ralink drivers asus pci-g31 54mbps wlan even bothering with the asus supplied ones if you are intending to use this under xp.

Only some time later did I discover what had really been going on, when I reproduced the scenario by running that program.

Get Deal Alerts in your Inbox! Does this work with Win03 server? Asus pci-g31 54mbps wlan I never tried wireless on my computer before so I didn’t really know what to expect. Moreover, my net connection stopped working since the ASUS utility messed up my default pcu-g31 through my router.


54Mbps 802.11b/g Wireless PCI Adapter

Windows 7 handles everything that this useless app does so asus pci-g31 54mbps wlan bother using it? I refrained installing the utility which came with the board because everyone kept saying how terrible it is and how it can screw up your network settings.

Product Videos asus pci-g31 54mbps wlan Edit ]. Summary I installed the board on my system, I installed the drivers and let Windows Windows 7 do the rest. Network Adapters Others 10 Gigabit 16 Actual product may not be exactly as shown. As mentioned, the drivers from the included disk do not work, but after plugging in an Ethernet cable into the machine, it found drivers almost immediately.

Reviews are not an endorsement expressed by NCIX.

ASUS PCI-G31 Wireless Network Adapter G 54MBPS PCI – PCI-G31 – NCIX

Amazing speed, I am using it right now. Transferring files through asuz network is slow however, but this adapter asus pci-g31 54mbps wlan made for that anyways. Add to Cart Adus. Sometimes, this card causes Windows to have a blue screen of death.

See replacement item here. All pricing subject to change. Low Profile Bracket Included? ASUS will fix it or replace it for you at no charge during the first year after purchase in the event of damage from accidental spills, drops, electrical surges, or fire. Asus pci-g31 54mbps wlan just like it should.


Specifications [ Edit History ]. Reviewing isn’t posting, so here it is: MrZop- Jan 16, 10, 4 Replies. For more details, please visit support.

Asus pci-g31 54mbps wlan Needed a cheap wireless card and this fit the bill. I personally think I am a guy with a lot asus pci-g31 54mbps wlan patience, but when I keep having to re-download the same thing off the 54mbpd repeatedly because my adapter continuously stop working, I start to get annoyed. I panicked and 54mvps off my router, then reset and reconfigured the thing from scratch. This product is not available.

Cons -seems pretty slow but i guess wireless is slow anyway.