Inside those files you should see a section [b][ATI. Leonardo said Thanks for the link. However, when I tested with Maya 64bit and 4 scenes there was no improvements: It still won’t help me, will it? It is likely that new mods will be required for future driver versions from ATI if they decide to try and prevent the mod from working.

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Programming, Technical and Hardware. Artifacting is when you get softmoe ‘dots’ or patterns on screen. I’m working in win 7 x64,the softmod run good, but i not able to run the control panel.

It is likely that new mods will be required for future driver versions from ATI if they decide to try and prevent the mod from working. This has already been ai on the card in my System 2. System 2’s Pro is definately faster than System 1’s.

There is always a chance that the BIOS flash will not work through power fluctuations, corrupted downloads or acts of god.

Scores in benchmarks like SPECviewpref will go way up aswell.


Ati Softmod

Also, you would likely have to perform the hard mod eventually to keep up with driver updates. Sapphire card, just like everyone else 2 memory chips above, 2 to the side I am now getting pixel fill rates with no checkerboarding at all. Instructions originally written by Wizzard.

I have a His Excalibur Radeon so I am not sure which card to softmod upto. The methods outlined below can cause severe system instability or artifacting on some ATI Radeon video adapters.

Ati Softmod | TechPowerUp Forums

After rebooting i also get a black screen in windows and occasionally just artifacts. There are some softmods that unlocked pipelines that have been shutdown by ati, just wondering if this is kind of in the same boat as that. I decided to rewrite it so it’s all in one place, as easy to follow as possible. Just hadn’t been reading up on the mod for several months.

I am having no luck with softomd. AGP Cross Section Results form this review: It’s anyone’s guess as to what the results will be from the next shippment.

Ati radeon 9500 @ 9700: soft mod

The theory as of now is that artifacts are caused by undocumented defects on the NP’s disabled by the drivers. Are the DDR memory chips in a horizontal line across the top of the card 4 in a straight line sortmod are they in an L-shape 2 on top of the sofmod, 2 down the right hand side.?


Someone has an idea to solve? Tue Jan 28, 6: What’s with the Expo thread already?

Where the other half of Woftmod lives Registered: Got my MB from newegg, the hack works great. I have a problem: I can confirm this now Attempting this modification on any ATI video adapter besides the ATI Radeon will produce undesirable results, such as random crashes or a non-booting operating system.

I installed dseo 1. Redhook Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Does it increase the speed of regular opengl applications? Hi, anyone tried the soft mod to turn de R into an r? Now you need to manually modify the drivers.