In your IE browser, access: What is the reboot command to display a message to logged-in users, take the system down, and bring it back to a login prompt? If this is a platform upgrade, prepare to swap the temporary and permanent modem and IP addresses. Assign logins to students and record them here: Install new CMS and patches. Set up a new CMS system. Timetable — schedule tasks to run at a particular time.

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CMS: IBM ODBC Connection failed

Back Up 2 System Setup: CMS can be turned avya from either the cmssvc or cmsadm menu. These times do not include lunch time. From the factory, root has no password.

What do you expect to get out of this class? On the CMS side — display the cmssvc: Note that these are listed in their job aid.

They are service affecting. A survey link will be sent to you by at the end of the session. Not preserving data reinitializes the database and breaks the disk mirroring.


The protocol between the two is determined by the least common denominator. Change Reporting Adjunct in CM. Nic2 eg1 is used for the PBX switch link. Back Up Data Backup log: False — The format and size are completely different and there is no compatibility. IP changes and Uname changes require a reboot. Reference the supervisor administration document. CM6 supports skills per agents. However, in this class, one ACD has been administered and network connectivity has been established.

You can demo this by showing them a session you already have set up.

You can find instructions for configuring a modem in SIMT document cns necessary. AOM alarming gets tested and set up by the registration team.

Avaya Support – Knowledge Base InQuira InfoCenter – CMS: IBM ODBC Connection failed

Give the user permission to the System Setup feature. Log in as cms. A LT tape drive cannot read from other tapes or write to other tapes. Manual login cvsup terminal type Installation and Getting Started and Reports documents: Demo the equivalent on the remote R16 CMS system to compare the two. Data Storage Allocation Display the Storage Intervals screen and show the other things on that screen. Once logged in, verify that you can see the tape drive.


Connect the switch link to port 1. Nic1 eg0 is used for CMS Supervisor and normal traffic flow.

Verify you can see the tape drive: Successfully connect to a CMS. These resources must scheduled in advance after r61 up with a schedule with the customer. Upgrades are done by Avaya-authorized personnel based on the following conditions: