In fact, JPEG compression determines irreversible loss of information in the images, an effect that is readily evident when such images need to be further processed. It is now considered one of the top gadgets of all time. This plug should thus be considered part of the camera and be protected from damage. I strongly recommend a visit to the Drivers section of the Astrocam web-page. In my case, the extra 15m cable is connected to a Zip-drive, which in turn interfaces with the parallel port of the computer.

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This female plug of the battery power-pack will interface with the large-size male keyboard plug that is suplied with the QuickCam 5 in fig4. Lots of other lunar formations and landing sites of successful moon missions are currently online at this page.

The Film Roll is then emptied and new series of images can be obtained. Average of 6 frames.

Retrieved from ” https: The new version of QuickMovie offers digital effects such as image mirroring and flipping so users can change the video orientation while recording. In fact, the original cable also provides the power supply to ocnnectix camera, and the pin plug contains major electronic components, namely the camera’s analog-digital converter.

Connectix releases color cam for Mac

To follow the terminator along the lunation, using such mosaics, is a nice project. Here in Portugal it can still be found occasionally The QuickMovie utility, for recording video streams to disk, lets users set frame size and rates to optimize the video quality of the finished product.

For instance, to demonstrate the effect of atmospheric turbulence on telescopic images why not producing a short real-time animation of a bright star in- and out-of-focus? Select type of offense: You are logged in as. The software that originally shipped with the camera included QuickMovie for recording motion pictures and QuickPICT for capturing still images. The next two pictures illustrate other interesting observation projects that are suitable for small scopes and the grayscale QuickCam.


FreePulse Wireless Headphones Squeezebox. To get the best signal-to-noise ratio possible it is advantageous to average several original images, e. Pros thanks for support Cons good prices Summary good sharp Reply to this review Was this review helpful? At such image sampling conditions, be ready to get GREAT detail, as shown in the examples below and in the planetary images presented at the top of this page.

Connectix Ships Color QuickCam

This page was last edited on 6 Aprilat The production of real-time or time-lapse animations is an extremely easy task when we use the excellent software that controls the grayscale QuickCam V2.

Please submit your review for Connectix Color QuickCam 2. Please bear connechix mind that some of the camera’s electronic components are not within the camera-head but inside the quickfam plug located at the extremity of the 1.

The new camera sports the familiar spherical eyeball form, and connects to a Macintosh via both a serial port and an ADB keyboard and mouse port. A standard wall electric switch plastic box 2 in fig1 was colog used to cover the electronics, with the help of four screws blue arrows in fig1. The grayscale QuickCam is equipped with a Texas Instruments CCD, a frame-transfer chip with an array of x 10micron-square pixels.

And what about the camera’s power suply if we choose to use extra cables?

Connectix releases color cam for Mac – CNET

It is strictly forbidden to use connrctix namely for inclusion in other web pages without the written authorization of the author. The grayscale QuickCam produces 6-bits digitized images, that is with 64 gray-levels please check the Image Size and Quality menu since the software also allows for 16 gray-level images that are not adequate for astronomy.


Mosaic of day 7 of the lunation, showing donnectix Theophilus, Cyrillus, Catharina and Piccolomini, as well as Rupes Altai. The advantage of this procedure is obvious, a much higher probability of obtaining decent images, even for beginners, and in less than perfect nights. QuickPICT also has a timed snapshot feature with visual and audible countdowns, and the ability to expose a still image for a user-selectable number of seconds.

And what about planetary images? About different craters are ready to be integrated in the Atlas, and I will add them from time to time. Since it is being made with a great albeit inexpensive camera, and since obtaining the highest resolution images connecttix not the main objective anyway, my observing site is not the most adequate for that purposeI decided to call the project MOON-“Light”.

For the Sun, or to enphasise faint planetary details, the Contrast can be manually increased to the desired setting position. Since the QuickCam uses so little power, each charge will produce various hours-long imaging sessions except if, as I have alredy done by accident, one forgets to disconnect the battery pack at the end of the imaging session.