In return, the arrow keys have to mentioned positively, as they are executed in a normal size and could be used perfectly. Subjectively, the image representation can be called sufficient for a netbook, anyway. Viewing Angle Fujitsu M Also important for the netbook’s appearance is the hinge, which accommodates the battery. Loudspeakers Fujitsu lists “2x stereo speakers for high sound quality” as a special feature on the homepage. The color representation is alright, but it’s necessary to acquire a taste for the reflective surface especially at outdoor use.

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The performance of a dual-core computer shouldn’t be expected. The touchpad is netbook-typically very small.

Review Fujitsu M Netbook – Reviews

Fujitsu homepage M Series. This doesn’t provoke any deformations of the plastic case, but the mini-notebook is then decorated with numerous fingerprints. The Best Laptops of Looks and an impressive display both fall fuijtsu favor of the Fujitsu M The M includes many of the same features already common in the increasingly-similar Netbook product landscape, but what differentiates it as an “education Netbook?

The M offers a smaller Synaptics touchpad with a smooth matte finish. So, details like letters are bigger. The M has one of the most fujitssu and color-rich inch widescreens in the business, and the infinity-symbol design is easy on the eyes, but it isn’t without flaws.


Even unique features like an ExpressCard slot or collaborative software for the classroom environment would have helped its cause. Even if the Fujitsu M doesn’t use the complete case width for the keyboardit turns out to be sufficiently dimensioned to fujtisu an extensive text input – at least as for the stroke surface of the 14 x 13 millimeter sized standard keys.

The speakers fujotsu average compared to netbooks, and below average compared to most notebooks. Classic netbook fare also comes to use in view of performance. View All 7 Photos in Gallery.

Fujitsu M2010 Review

In idle mode, or rather in office mode with m010 load, the observed surface temperatures were very similar. Yes, that’s something new Therewith, the base unit is lifted at its rear edge and runs downwards in a curve.

Fujitsu’s M, an appealing netbook but the trackpad needs work Source: Once this was turned back on the M sped up and was performing in line with other netbooks. The color representation is alright, but it’s necessary to acquire a taste for the reflective surface especially at outdoor use. Anyway, Intel can’t yet serve with dujitsu comforts of current dual-core processors in the Atom chips.

Keyboard and Touchpad The keyboard is the primary area that I feel Fujitsu should have spent more time developing. Now the Japanese manufacturer releases its first netbook in a 10 inch format labeled M on the market fuitsu over a year later than the emergence of the first mini-PC. Compared to some of the newer netbooks on the market its benchmarks fall towards the bottom of the list, and battery life came up way short with the 3-cell battery. Fujitsu would be named here as an example for fukitsu.


In our opinion, this is definitely too little for the intentioned mobile use of a laptop.

The ratings are above-average in the reviews as of This condition should m201 ever be reached in practical use, though. On video-encoding tests, the M’s score was pretty middle-of-the-road at 4 minutes 57 seconds. We could record a maximum temperature increase of up to Single Review, online available, Long, Date: With its good looks and high build quality it seems to be pushed towards business customers, which might explain the higher price.

We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. The lack of new ideas in the current netbooks.