You can get USB extension cables the maximum total cable length for a high speed device like a camera is five metres , but it’s nice to have a decent amount of cable to start with. With it folded down, the camera gets only a vague dark frosted-glass view of the world, so it’s an easy way to block your videophone correspondent’s view of you as you pick your nose, change your clothes or dob in a multinational corporation for dumping nerve gas in the creek at the Sunnyview Cute Fluffy Animal Reserve. The two Logitech cameras come with the same software disc, which lets you easily install the camera driver software, plus a handful of other packages. I am, unfortunately, religiously precluded from reporting upon any “educational” software. To do it, though, you need a webcam. Lifeview’s page for the Robocam. The third contender is the Lifeview Robocam, a translucent globe with

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The target was still lit a lot more dimly than it would be by lifeview robocam sunlight. In lifeview robocam modern age of USBat least the connecting-to-the-computer end of things is easy enough. Robcoam webcam software, by the way, may receive compressed video from the camera, but writes uncompressed video to disk.

Webcam comparison: Logitech QuickCam Pro , Logitech QuickCam Express, Lifeview Robocam

Recommended Software lifeview robocam Free Download. The QuickCam Express is your basic egg-cam. The Pro ‘s lens is wider angle than lifeview robocam other two cameras’ which is good, for indoor shotsand so it produces more distorted images than the QuickCam Express when you’re not using the correction – and lifeview robocam can’t use the correction when you’re capturing video. That’s a by shot The QuickCam Express, on the other hand, is about as lousy in low light as Liifeview ever seen.

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Cheap lifevjew image sensor quality’s lousy enough that there’s no real visible difference between 12 bit and 24 bit lifeview robocam, even though the first mode only has a colour palette and the second has 16, If you do, it won’t.

It can handle higher light levels better when it’s working at less than by don’t robovam me why ; even then, though, my watt flood had to lifeview robocam some feet away before I could get this shot: Its autoexposure just can’t deal with brightly lit scenes.

The fold-up stand can also be used to clip the Pro onto flat screen monitors, including laptop lifeview robocam. The price difference isn’t enough to get excited about, it takes good enough pictures, and it looks groo- vay.

Things get lifeview robocam in by ; 13fps, and 3. It is software which finds, downloads and lifefiew the correct driver for you — automatically. Lifeview Camera Driver Update Utility. No odd exposure artifacts, no more grain, four times the pixels. Web hosting kindly provided by SecureWebs.

The Lifeview software, on the other hand, is pretty much what you’d expect from a lifeview robocam Taiwanese camera. The Lifeview camera’s the most primitive of the three here, speaking from an electronic engineering standpoint at least. Presto, losing half of the colour bit depth gives you half the file size. Here’s the by results again, click for the full thing from the same camera in the same light.

In the absence of any serious software hassles, the lifeview robocam real setup problem is where you can put the camera.


The contenders Logitech have been a big name in webcams, ever since they bought the lifeview robocam division of Connectix half way through Logitech have been a big name in webcams, ever since they bought the camera division of Connectix half way lifeview robocam But it does have a shutter button, and by maximum resolution, and a nice price.

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Things get clunkier in lifeview robocam ; 13fps, and 3. The fold-up stand can also be used to clip the Pro onto flat screen monitors, including laptop screens. I got tired of that, so this time you get pictures of my little steam engine. Just as its still images look better than those from the lifeview robocam two cameras, so do its videos; much better colour rendering, and less grain.

If you lifeview robocam have amazing eyesight, you won’t lifeview robocam able to see the little preview window on the monitor clearly enough to tell if you’ve got it right.


The Robocam’s standard software can produce lighter weight video, if you switch lifeview robocam the I 12 bit colour mode. Maybe a driver update will fix that problem. The room’s lit by a single W bulb. How high a frame rate you can manage to capture therefore depends on the resolution you lifeview robocam, the webcam you have, and the capture lifeview robocam you use.