But how does the system decide which driver to use when it’s determines it needs to use a fallback driver? By enabling this policy the Client Printers will be redirected, but will not be set as the default printers. If you disable this policy setting, the RDS host fallback driver is disabled and the RDS host will not attempt to use the fallback printer driver. If the printer model are the same, you do not need to install all versions of the drivers in the Terminal Server, you only need to install the matching version of Windows server For Windows server, the Group policy path is: Open the Group Policy editor 2.

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The redirection option can be disabled at the uppermost rights level but can be optionally enabled at lower tiers, so if you do choose that route, you will have to pay careful attention to where exactly it’s enabled and where it isn’t across your RDS environment.

Sign in to vote. Net Consultancy in April Use this policy setting to specify whether to prevent the mapping of client printers in Remote Desktop Services sessions.

The Easy Print functionality is only for the Client Printer Direction category, network printers cannot use this functionality. If you want to override settings configured at a different level you could set this setting to disabled as policies have the highest priority.


How Microsoft’s Windows 2003 SP1 Fallback Printer Driver Works (which now supports color!)

Specify terminal server fallback printer driver behavior: Diskpart to create aligned volume. In this article I described the configuration termial of Easy Print in detail and which settings should be used. I think most organizations will use the Use Remote Desktop Easy Printer driver first as the default setting as this guarantees that no other driver is required. Pginter me of follow-up comments by email.

If you disable this policy setting, the RDS host automatically maps the client default printer and sets it as the default printer upon connection.

Fallback Printer Drivers in RDP and Terminal Server Sessions

So, we needed to change the setting to Specify RD Session Host server fallback printer driver behavior. Equivalent to Group policy option: Citrix can prohibit automatic installation of native printer drivers.

This is problematic, ptinter you can’t always be sure which printer is installed on connecting computers.

The second category which I label as network printers are mapped directly into the session. Here the printer is connected to the remote client via the RDS server.

In that review I talked about the new fallback driver policy and its capabilities. Enable Insert Picture from Scanner in Word.

Is there a registry ‘fix’ for changing the default fallback PCL Color printer? I will describe later on when the user settings can come into play.


If that still does not satisfy the needs, then a third party product comes into play as Microsoft does not have a solution yet. Tuesday, December 13, 1: If the “Do not allow client printer redirection” policy setting is enabled, the “Use Remote Desktop Easy Print printer driver first” policy setting is ignored.

Default to PS if one is not found: Remote Desktop Services Terminal Services.

Terminal Server Fallback Printer Driver – Robert Karp

If no match is found, fallback to Postscript PS drivers. You will see the following entries on the Terminal Server in the Event Viewer logs: In order for this to work, a printer driver must be installed on the Terminal Server that matches the driver installed on the local computer. Admins can use the on-demand If you enable the policy, the fallback printer driver is enabled and it lets you choose its behavior.

Newer Post Older Post Home. The good thing is that this article fqllback to all Windows Server versions since Windows R2. The Fallback printer driver behavior can be configured using Group policy.